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Freshcaller : Product Updates



We have introduced the much awaited : "Bring your own carrier(BYOC)" feature in Freshcaller!

You can use your existing carrier or any local carrier of your choice without losing any product capabilities in Freshcaller. 

Who is this for? 

  • Those who want to retain their existing number in a Country where porting is not supported by Freshcaller
  • Those who want numbers in Countries where we currently do not offer numbers
  • Those who want to take advantage of better number/incoming call charges from their carrier

How does this work?

  • Incoming calls will be forwarded to the Freshcaller product using a SIP protocol
  • Outgoing calls will be triggered using the external number as caller id from within Freshcaller
  • All Freshcaller product flows such as IVRs, Call flows will continue to work
  • There will be no number charges. Flat SIP termination cost of 0.01/minute will be charged for all incoming calls. Outgoing calls will be charged as per Freshcaller call rates.

How to enable this?

  • Feature is available on request for all customers in Blossom+ plans
  • Please drop an email to to enable this

For more details, please check our solution article.




1) Call queue/Wait queue enhancements :

What has changed? 

  • Call centres can place callers in the wait queue not only when their agents are busy but also when their agents are not answering or offline. This is available in Blossom+ plans
  • Wait queue timeout limit has been increased from 10 minutes to 4 hours for Garden+ users in the UI
  • Wait queue size limit has been increased from 19 to 500 for Garden+ users in the UI
  • Minimum ringing time has been reduced from 30 seconds to 5 seconds for Garden+ users in the UI
  • UX improvement: Wait queue settings is now a separate section in the call flows for better usability and visibility

2) Freshcaller is now available in the AUS pod! 

  • Garden+ users can create accounts in the AUS pod. This is also available as an add-on feature.
  • Integrated accounts from Freshdesk/Freshsales/Freshservice will also be created in the AUS pod

    • Freshsales is already supported
    • Freshdesk will be supported very soon
    • Freshservice will be supported very soon


Bulk upload of contacts is now possible in Freshcaller by the user.

You can now bulk upload multiple contacts or company information with a .csv file under the Contacts section in your Freshcaller account. This was possible only through a backend request with us in the past.


1) Introducing Voicemail transcriptions - Now available for users in Blossom+ plans

Customers can boost their agent’s productivity by enabling voicemail transcriptions. This helps the agent to quickly read and understand the voicemail messages without listening to them one by one.

1. Voicemails can be enabled for specific phone numbers from admin->numbers section

3. Cost : $0.04/minute will be applicable.

4. Transcriptions will be done only in english.

For more details on how to set this up, please check out the solution article.

2) Freshcaller in-conversation window now has a new look! - Improved design and usability

  • Contacts section :

    • All contact related actions have been grouped together for better readability.
    • Only the fields which are filled for a contact are displayed by default. Blank fields are ignored
    • Clicking on edit opens up all the fields in the contact section within the in conversation tab.
  • Search improvements:

    • Search displays results after every character
    • Hovering over a particular contact result provides the option of “Link to call”. 
    • This functionality was existing earlier but was not discoverable as the actions were split between the top header and the bottom left section. The interactions have been redesigned to improve usability and discoverability
  • Conversation section improvements:

    • In progress call is shown as the top most item with an option to add call notes expanded. This was in the bottom section of the in-conversation tab and did not show the link with the current call clearly.
    • Hovering over the arrows should show the status of the call. This is consistent with the call metrics section
    • Notification messages related to the call status have been moved to the top to provide more prominence. Ex: Transferring a call, Adding a new agent
    • Filters in the in-conversation section have been removed. 


Introducing "Queue callback (Virtual hold)"  in Freshcaller

"Please stay on the line...Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line...Your call is important to us...[Repeat on loop]"  - Does this remind you of some frustrating experience where you were made to wait for an agent to pick up? This is a common pain point for customers with high call volumes. 

With Queue callback, you can now eliminate the long wait times for callers by allowing them to opt for a "callback". The wait queue position will be maintained for the caller and the next available agent will call them when their call reaches the top of the wait queue line.

You can also customise the fallbacks in the event of an unsuccessful callback. Ex: Call the customer and request a voicemail or play a message to inform that they were unable to call within business hours.

This feature is available in Garden+ plans. For more details, check out our solution article or feature page.



There are some prerequisites such as sufficient bandwidth, network connectivity, open ports, whitelisted IPs etc. that ensure a seamless caller experience. This is often not obvious to customers who are moving from a traditional phone system.To help customers verify these settings without reaching out to us, we have introduced a  "Test connection" featurewithin the product. 

  • Test connection is available next to the dialer in the Fresshcaller web app and as a link in the integrated product widgets
  • Clicking on "Test connection" starts the test in another browser tab
  • There is a notification with a link to the troubleshooting guide that can help you interpret the results
  • Before the very first call done by a Freshcaller agent, there is a prompt that encourages them to run this test.


Custom agent availability(away) statuses - Available now for all Estate plan users

Admins can now monitor agents better by configuring a set of custom away statuses (Lunch, Break etc). 

Why is this useful?

  • Freshcaller only had “offline” as a possible status for agents to use when they are not accepting calls. This was not intuitive for agents as they do not want to change the preference to offline while they are taking a short break or unavailable to take calls due to other official work - Meetings, trainings etc.
  • Supervisors are not able to intervene and coach agents during these statuses.
  • For workforce management and performance monitoring, more granular agent status data is required.

How does this work?

  • Freshcaller provides a set of 4 away statuses - Lunch, break, meeting, training.
  • Admins can also configure additional custom status from the admin-> Agent statuses section in freshcaller
  • Admins can enable/disable custom statuses
  • Once enabled, away statuses will be available in the Freshcaller web app and widget for agents to use
  • Agents current status will be displayed in the live dashboard for supervisors to monitor and filter

More details are available in the KB article here.

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