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Abandoned Calls creating FreshDesk Tickets Automatically

I wish there was a configuration setting to stop FreshCaller from creating FreshDesk tickets for abandoned calls.  We don't run our call center 24x7 so we have several abandoned calls during off hours, and a few during operational hours.  The getting a couple of dozen unwanted tickets in FreshDesk every day for abandoned calls is annoying.  

I love how it creates tickets for Voicemails, because that is an action item we need to follow up on.  However, calling back and abandoned call number rarely makes sense and we are not going to do it.  There are all kinds of reasons people hang up and us calling them back is not something we want to do.  

If there were a simple flag that says, "create tickets for abandoned calls (yes,no)" so I have some control, that would be a great feature add and would reduce workload and frustration. 

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I need this too? I get tons of spam calls. I don't want tickets for abandoned calls. 

Eric, have you tried Automations to filter them?  Use the subject or some consistent content to match on, then auto delete. :) I have several setup like this in Freshdesk (for other things) that I don't want to see.

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Hi @J,

I do have automations in place now.  Where if fails is when the caller abandons as the Voice Mail Message is playing.  So it starts as a "Voicemail" in FreshDesk, then it goes back and changes it to an "Abandoned Call" in FreshDesk after the caller hangs up without leaving a message.  If FreshCaller would wait just a bit before creating the Voicemail ticket, my automation would pick up on the Abandoned Subject as it would have the correct subject when the ticket was created, rather than being renamed a few seconds after the ticket is created from Voicemail to Abandoned. 

Since we don't have a pad FreshDesk account (only paid FreshCaller), I only have the automation for when a ticket is first created.  

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