Adding IVR to your call receiving system ensures that customers get routed to the right agent, thereby increasing first call resolution. 

Set up your IVR system using the following steps.

Add a new IVR menu

Login to Freshcaller and click on Admin -> Call Flows -> New Call Flow. Choose IVR menu from the options shown as in the screenshot below

Welcome message with options

Kick-start an IVR menu with a custom welcome message for callers for every phone number you own. You can upload your pre-recorded audio messages or create one directly.

Provide a world of options

IVR through Freshcaller provides options to create a menu for your users for numerals (0-9) and special characters (# and *). You can configure personal messages or direct your callers to another level of IVR-based options. Calls can be routed to agents, teams, or external numbers. 

You can combine IVR along with effective call routing plans to give a superior call center experience to your callers.

Create a smooth exit

Freshcaller gives you the ability to create easy exit routes for your callers. You can configure what to do when a team or all agents in a team are busy or unavailable. You can predefine the number of times the IVR menu needs to be repeated to the customer and even request the caller to leave a voicemail before hanging up.