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  • Click on Admin > Agents (Users) > New Agent (User)

  • Add agent email address and the role you want for your agent

  • The various agent roles you can assign in Freshcaller are:

    • Agent: Can take or make calls, access the agent dashboard and call logs, can also access contact information.

    • Supervisor: Can perform all agent related activities and access reports but cannot access or change configurations in the Admin tab.

    • Admin: Can configure all features through the Admin tab but is restricted from viewing Account or Billing related information.

    • Account Admin: Has complete control over the product including access to account or billing related information and receives invoices.

  • Once the role is assigned, click Add Agent. After adding your agent, the agent name and their email address would be visible in the Agents tab. 


NOTE: Teams cannot be added under the Sprout plan

  • Click on Admin > Teams > New Team

  • Add a team name and the agents from the list of agents you have added in your Freshcaller account

  • Click Add Team

Once team information is added, the team name and the number of agents in the team can be viewed in the Teams tab.