This view is available for all agents, including supervisors to manage their own calls and activities. Any agent or admin will be able to:

  • View call log details of calls made or received

  • View the contact and company details with whom you have spoken to

  • Call direction that shows if the calls were completed or missed

  • View call notes that automatically gets saved to your call

  • Playback call recordings if you have chosen to save recordings for every phone number that belongs in your call center

  • View last activity that is time based for every call

To-Do Items

Agents also have the flexibility to add their own set of to-do activities. In the agent dashboard, on the right side of the screen, agents can view the To-Do list where they can add to-do items by simply typing the to-do item in the New To-Do Item tab. After entering the task, hit enter and your task automatically gets added to the list.

Agent Availability

Set agent availability to On Browser for taking and making calls using the Freshcaller web application. Or enable On Phone to use the mobile app to take or make calls in case you are not at your desk. The top right side of the screen shows agent availability information. Choose one of the options to use Freshcaller.