Freshcaller is a complete call center on the cloud that lets you set up hotlines in over 40 countries. Freshcaller assists businesses that are focused on reaching customers through inbound or outbound calls. It can also be used by various internal teams such as sales, marketing, support, etc., that are interested in having dedicated phone systems for solving unique challenges.


Freshcaller is currently available for businesses in over 40 countries. For a complete list of countries, click here.


Why use Freshcaller?

  • Completely cloud based: You do not require any hardware setup or software installation. It works completely over the internet and is very quick to set up and get started.


  • Local and toll-free numbers: You can purchase local and toll-free numbers which your customers can call anytime. Your customers will be charged when they call your local number. Or you can let your customers call the toll-free numbers with charges on the house.


  • Business hours: Run your call center based on specific times and days. Customize business hours inside Freshcaller for every number you own and make adjustments as your business grows.


  • Customized greetings and queues: When customers call your number, you can choose to greet them with a custom “hello”. You can record your welcome message, or just convert the text you enter into speech. You can also customize the length of your caller queue and the maximum amount of time your customers will stay on hold.


  • Multi-level IVR: A flexible phone menu in place will ensure you redirect your callers to appropriate agents. Callers can rely on an automated system to get to agents faster or get the information or response they came looking for.


  • Call monitoring: Admins can monitor ongoing calls to see how quickly the agent is able to resolve the customer problem, provide training or problem solving techniques, and to improve the overall productivity and performance of the agent.


  • Call masking: Mask your existing phone number with an alternate number when making or receiving calls. This is useful when you are offering support in a region where your business is not present, but you have customers.


  • Real-time dashboard: Admins and supervisors can view, in real-time, a list of customers waiting in queue for calls to be answered, view current on-going calls, and see all the available agents who are part of the current queue.


  • Customer interaction history: See oldest to the most recent conversations your agents have had with a customer. Address their needs by glancing over previous conversations and providing better or faster resolution.


  • Call Metrics: Get a detailed summary of agent and supervisor performance. Filter based on call details, status and other metrics. Effectively analyze the overall performance of your call center with real-time data.



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