What is a cloud phone system?
When a phone system system is on the cloud, it means the technology provider will host the application on their secure data center and deliver the product/service over the web. Businesses do not have to deploy a custom infrastructure to maintain hardware or spend on capital expenditure. 

Can I use all the functionalities and features in Freshcaller during the free trial?
Yes, you can use all features and functions of the plan that you sign-up for during trial period.

What happens to my phone number after the trial expires?
If you subscribe to Freshcaller during or after the trial, you can continue to use the same phone number. In case your trial expires and you do not renew, your phone number will be active for an additional week, after which your phone number will be deleted.

How do I login to my account?
Once you sign-up for Freshcaller, an email will be sent to set your account password so you can get started.

How do I reset my password?
Go to the agent availability section on the top right of the Freshcaller app > expand the drop down > Account > Profile Settings > Password reset

How many phone numbers can I buy?
There are no limitations on the number of phone numbers you can buy.

How many countries can I buy a local number from?
You can buy phone numbers in 42 countries. See 
detailed country list here. Similarly, you can buy toll-free numbers in USA, UK, and Canada.

Can I start using the phone immediately once I buy the number?
Yes, once you buy the number, you can get started immediately. Set up Freshcaller to suit your business needs and take or make calls at once.

Why buy a local number over a toll-free number?
Local numbers tells your customers you are just a phone call away. It provides the flexibility to reach your business using a local number. And potential customers are also aware that you are present locally and is reachable through a local call.


How do I select vanity numbers?
Go to Number > Buy New Number > Search by digits or phrases. Type a number based on a phrase you are looking for and buy the phone number.

Does the area code of my phone number has to match my business address?
No, there are no limitations on where or which country’s phone number you want to buy. Address location does not have to match the area code of the phone number you want to buy.

Can I port my existing phone numbers into Freshcaller?
Yes, existing phone numbers from Twilio, other service providers, and Google voice, can only be ported at this time. Read more about 
number portability here.

Can I port my phone number out of Freshcaller?
Yes, you can port your current phone number to another platform. Be sure to check portability options with the new cloud telephony provider.