Can I use one phone number for all teams?
There are no limitations on using a single phone number across multiple teams. If your business demands such a scenario, you can just buy one phone number for all your internal teams.

Are there pre-recorded messages or greetings we can choose from?
Yes, we do have prerecorded messages to help you get started. You can also create your own greetings with custom messages and update them anytime.

What is the difference between what agents and admins can access? Will Freshcaller appear differently for both these roles?
Yes, agents will have access to only specific areas of Freshcaller. These include the agent dashboard, customer or contact details, and call logs. Admins will have additional access to a real-time dashboard to monitor calls, view call queues, view agent presence, and admin settings which will provide options to customize Freshcaller for your business.

What are the various roles who can use Freshcaller?
Freshcaller is ideally built for the following roles - call center agents (day-to-day users), call center supervisors (managers or team leads), and admins, business owners, COOs (decision makers).
What features do these roles have access to?

  • Admin: Can configure all features through the Admin tab, but is restricted from viewing Account or Billing related information.
  • Supervisor: Can perform all agent related activities and access reports, but cannot access or change configurations in the Admin tab.
  • Account Admin: Has complete control over the call center including access to account or billing related information, and receives invoices.
  • Agent: Can take or make calls, access the agent dashboard and call logs, and access customer information.


Can one Freshcaller account have multiple admins?
Yes, depending on your business scenarios, you can provide access to multiple team members to play an admin role. Roles can be modified at any given time.


As an admin, can I manually assign calls from important customers on priority to available agents?
Yes, in case you see valuable customers or customers who seek immediate attention, as an admin, you can assign their calls to any available agent. Use the real-time dashboard and move callers in queue to available agents at any time.

How many agents and teams can I add? Is there a limitation?
We have a pay-as-you-go model where you can buy agent licenses as and when you need them and add more agents. You can also add as many teams as you need. Freshcaller additionally has a $0 plan where you can add as many agents as you want for free.

Can I setup multiple rules for a single phone number?
You can select only one rule for every phone number. This rule will provide all the options of routing you need for your number.

How many contacts and companies can I store in Freshcaller?
There are no limitations to the number of contacts or companies you can add.

Can I edit customer, team, and agent information at any time?
Yes, you can edit, modify, or add new details at any time. Only admins will have access to editing or modifying agent or team information. Agents can add or modify customer or contact details.