Call queues are used to assign calls to the right agent/teams and route the calls effectively when all assigned agents are offline, busy or not answering the call. With basic call queues, you can:

  • Assign all incoming calls to a specific agent
  • Set the call queue action as "hang-up" when the call is not answered by the agents

With advanced call queues there are better customisations. You can:

  • Assign calls to not only agents but also teams/groups. You can choose between calling all agents simultaneously or calling the most idle agent within a team
  • Place callers in a wait queue if the agents are busy. You can also append the wait queue position to your wait message
  • Customise the number of callers in the wait queue as well as the time for which a caller can be in the wait queue 
  • Set the call queue action as send to voicemail, in addition, to hang up if the agents are busy or not answering. If you are on the Garden plan, you can combine your advanced call queue with our 'Smart Escalations' to route calls to a different team/external number in case your phone team is unable to pick up calls


  • Basic call queues are available in the sprout plan
  • Advanced call queues are available in the blossom plan 
  • Smart escalations are available in the garden plan