What can’t be measured cannot be improved! 

Freshcaller Reports will help you understand how your team is performing and can help you identify what needs to be improved to better serve your customers. With Freshcaller you get a set of curated reports and if need be you can also create your own custom reports. 

NOTE: Custom reports are a part of Garden and Estate plans.

Who can access Freshcaller reports? 

In order to access Freshcaller reports you have to be an Admin, Account Admin or Supervisor.

How to view reports?

  1. Click on the Reports icon

  2. You’ll be directed to the Analytics dashboard that shows the list of Curated Reports if you are opening it for the first time. It would show your recently viewed reports if you have already viewed the reports.

  3. If you scroll down you should be able to see all your reports

  4. By default the reports are displayed in Grid View, by clicking on the down arrow next to ‘Grid View’ you can switch between Grid and List views.

  5. By default all your reports are displayed, by clicking the down arrow next to ‘All Reports’ you can choose to view a certain set of reports —
    1. All reports: Shows all the reports, curated and custom. 

    2. My reports: Shows the reports whose visibility was set to ‘Only me’. These are visibly only to you.

    3. Shared reports: These reports are those that are not created by you but shared with you by your colleagues. 

    4. Curated reports: Shows only the reports curated by Freshcaller. You cannot edit these reports but you can clone them and then make changes to them.

    5. Schedules: Any reports that you have scheduled will appear here.
      NOTE: Schedules are applicable only to Garden and Estate users.