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To start using the Freshcaller Android/iOS app, you will have to first download the apps from the respective app stores. 

Download Links:

Minimum device requirements:


Size: 22.73 MB


Requires 4.5 or later. 

No support for tablet devices.

Languages supported: English

Price: Free


Size: 71.7 MB


Requires iOS 10.0 or later. No support for 

iPad, and iPod touch.

Languages supported: English

Price: Free

Note: The app functionalities and usage remain consistent across both Android and iOS platforms except for the native interface differences. 

Logging into your Freshcaller app

Input your Freshcaller URL and the email credentials associated with it. 

If you are facing trouble logging in to the app, check if you have entered the correct URL and credentials. Please note to enter the full URL along with the ‘HTTPS://’ prefix.

You cannot reset your login credentials from the app. Please use the sign in page of the web version to reset your password. 

Making a call from the Freshcaller app

Before making a call, select the number from which you are making the call. 

Calling from history

  • By default, the home screen would show your recent call history.

  • To find a specific number you have called or received earlier by scroll down the call history and tap on it.

Calling a new number

  • To dial a new number, tap the dialpad with the person's name or phone number and select the desired choice from the search results.

  • To make the call tap on the call button.

If you are unable to make calls:

  • Check if you have sufficient phone credits in your account. We recommend maintaining at least $5 to be able to make calls.

  • Ensure you are using the right country code when you are making an International call. 

For example, if you are calling from Denmark to the United States, you should use the US number as ‘+1-XXX-XXX-XXXX’. +1 being the US country code for international calls.

  • Ensure your Internet connection is active.

Accepting or rejecting a call with Freshcaller app

Just like in a smartphone, when you receive a call, the screen will display the calling number. If you have the number already stored in your Freshcaller account, then the contact name would also be displayed. 

  • To answer the call, swipe up the green circle.

  • To reject the call, swipe up the red circle.

Incoming Call Queue 

When there are multiple incoming calls, the agent would be able to see a list of the incoming calls. The agent can tap on a call to answer it or ignore it. 

Setting your availability status

You can set your call availability status as online or offline. When an agent is offline, the calls will be routed to the next available agent or put on queue. 

  • To set your call availability status, tap on your profile name on the right bottom corner of the app. 

  • Check ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’ status as desired.

  • You can log out of the app by tapping on the logout button placed just above the status buttons.

Creating a support ticket from the call

You can create customer support tickets right from the Freshcaller app. Your account has to be integrated with Freshdesk to raise tickets.

Once your Freshcaller account is integrated with Freshdesk, you will be able to create tickets straight from your mobile app. 


As soon as your call ends, the app will give two options to ‘Create new ticket’ or to ‘Close’ the call window. 

Note: Once you close the call window, you will not be able to create a ticket for the completed call later. 

  • To create a ticket of the call, tap  on the ‘Create new ticket option’.

  • Enter the subject and relevant description for the ticket.

  • Tap on the create ticket button to create the ticket.

  • A confirmation message will pop up on successful creation of the ticket. 

  • Tap on the ‘Open ticket’ button to view or edit the ticket details. 

  • If you have installed the Freshdesk app, the ticket will open in the mobile app. Else, it will open as a mobile web page.


Still facing difficulties? Drop us a email at hello@freshcaller.com.