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By default, Freshcaller records both incoming and outgoing calls. However, as an admin, you can configure the number properties to configure call recording according to your business needs. 

What are the types of call recording options available?

The following call recording options are available in Freshcaller:

  • Record all calls (default)
  • Record outgoing calls
  • Record incoming calls
  • Record manually
  • Do not record calls

As an admin, you can see the type of call recording option enabled for your Freshcaller number in the properties tab:

For detailed instructions, see Configuring Call Recording Options

Note: An additional charge of USD 0.003/min is applicable for call recordings.

How to record/pause calls?

By default, all calls are recorded manually. However, if the number properties is set to "record calls manually", you have to manually record the call. When you feel that the customer is giving confidential information, or if the customer wishes to pause recording, you can use the pause option.

  1. On a live ongoing call, click on the record button.
  2. To pause the recording, click on the pause button.

Note:  You can also get the customer's consent to record calls. In this case, the customer will be given a choice to record or opt-out of recording calls at the beginning of the call. This can be done if the record opt-in feature is enabled for the Freshcaller number. For details, see Enabling Recording Opt-in For a Number.

How to view the call recordings?

You can view and listen to the call recordings any time you want.

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account and go to Call Metrics.
  2. You can see the details of each call here and also view the recordings of each call.
  3. Click on the play icon to listen to the conversation.
  4. You can also download or delete the recording. 


  1. If you want to view the call recordings of a specific number, use the filter option to see the recordings for that number. 
  2. If you want to delete multiple call recordings at once, you can use the bulk delete recording app. For details, see Using The Bulk Delete Recording App.