All users whose Freshcaller account is integrated with native Freshworks products—Freshdesk, and Freshsales can now 

  • Create tickets from within Freshcaller

  • Add a call to an existing ticket from inside their Freshcaller account

  • Access the tickets associated to a call

  • View the leads/contacts related to a call from the call metrics tab.

and so much more. 

Who can perform these integrated product actions?

All those who can see the Call metrics tab in their Freshcaller account can perform these actions after a call is ended.

What are the different integrated product actions and how to use them?

Once you, an admin integrate your Freshdesk and Freshsales account with your Freshcaller account, all your calls get logged in your Freshcaller account. (The calls get logged under the Call Metrics tab inside Freshcaller)

Note: To navigate to the Call Metrics tab from the caller widget that’s used to make and receive calls from any of the native products, click the View call logs option.


Now you’ll be taken to the Call Metrics tab inside Freshcaller.

  1. On the extreme right of your call log, you’ll see a small icon in the shape of a puzzle piece.


  1. This icon is the integrated actions icon.

  1. If the icon is greyed out, it means there is no associated ticket/lead/contact linked to that particular call. 

  2. Click on the icon to see the actions that you can perform with respect to your integrated Freshdesk and Freshsales account.

  3. On clicking the integrated actions icon, under Freshdesk, you’ll see the option to

    1. Create a ticket

    2. Add to an existing ticket

  1. Also if the icon is coloured, it indicates that a ticket related to the call exists. 

  2. You can view the ticket, and go to that ticket’s detail page in one single click.

How to convert a call to a ticket from inside Freshcaller?

To convert a call to ticket from within your Freshcaller account,

  1. Go to the integration action icon and click on it.

  1. Choose the Create ticket option. A pop up window with pre-filled ticket details—Requester name, Phone number, Subject of the ticket will appear.

  2. You can edit the details if need be and then click on Create ticket to confirm.

  1. Now you’ll see a notification to indicate that the ticket was created successfully and also displays the ticket number.

  1. When you click on the integration action icon present against that call log, you’ll see the newly created ticket listed.

  1. Similarly you can also add a call to an existing ticket with the integration action icon.

  1. Once you choose the Add to existing ticket option, the pop up window that comes up lets you filter tickets based on the Requester, Ticket ID and Subject. 

  1. The existing ticket you choose will be listed in the window with a + symbol next to it.

  2. Click on the + symbol of the ticket to add the current call to the ticket.

In case of an integration with Freshsales, you can view the associated Leads/Contacts of a ticket. To open the lead/contact details page, just click on the Lead/Contact inside the integration actions icon. A new window with the Lead/Contact details page in Freshsales opens up.

These are the basic actions that you can perform from within Freshcaller that’ll reflect in your Freshdesk and Freshsales accounts that are integrated to Freshcaller.