Some Call Flows might not be visible when you visit Admin > Call Flows. This is because you might have created a Child queue. A child queue is a queue that is created inside a Parent queue. 

Parent Queue : A queue can be considered a parent queue when the queue is created under Admin > Call Flows > New Call Flow and is associated with a rule configured for a particular number. (Check rules by going to Admin > Rules)


Child Queue:  A queue created inside the parent queue while configuring a call flow and is accessible only inside the parent queue. 

A child queue would not be visible in the Call Flows tab because there may be many child queues which might confuse the user when using the parent queue to route calls to a particular number.


For example   If you have created a queue 'P' by going to Admin > Call Flows, clicking on New Call Flow button then selecting Call Queue option, only then queue 'P' would be displayed under Admin > Call Flows. If a child queue 'C' is created inside the queue 'P', then queue 'C' would be visible only inside the parent queue 'P' and not under Admin > Call Flows.