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If you have multiple numbers, you may want certain numbers to be accessible only by certain agents or teams. For example, you may want your support team to make and receive calls only from the number meant for customer support. You can do this using Freshcaller. 

Who can configure number accessibility? 

 Only Admins or Account Admins can perform this configuration. 

To configure number accessibility

  1. Go to Admin >  Numbers. The numbers you have bought would be displayed here.

  1. Hover on the number for which you wish to change accessibility and click on the edit button. 

  1. In the panel that appears on the right side, click on Call Actions tab.

  2. In the panel that appears on the right side, click on the drop down that appears near ‘Allowed For

Note: By default all numbers are accessible by all your agents and teams

  1. As you scroll you would be able to see all the agents and teams that you have added. 

  2. You can select as many agents and teams as you want to give access to this number. A small tick appears next to the agent/team name that you have selected. 

  1. Once selected, click on ‘Save Changes’. 


Only if an agent has access to a number, it would be visible in their phone widget —