Applicable plans: Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate 

Filters make viewing your call metrics easier, with filters you can choose to view calls made from a particular number or by a particular agent, during a certain time period or view only your missed calls. Using filters you can always stay on top of what’s happening in your call center by reducing the clutter and focusing on what your require. 

To access filters go to:

  1. Select the Call Metrics tab  

  2. Click on Filter, in the right side panel that opens you can choose to filter based on the following: 

    1. Numbers: Select the number for which you wish to view the call metrics

    2. Time Period: the Time period for which you want to view the calls — last 7 days, 30 days or custom range

    3. Call types: Answered, Missed, Abandoned or Voicemail 

      1. Answered: Calls with a conversation between the customer and the agent (Represented by a green arrow)
      2. Missed: Calls not answered by the agents. (Represented by a red slashed arrow)

      3. Voicemail: Calls for which the customer left a voicemail (Represented by symbol that's similar to infinity)

      4. Abandoned: Calls that were hung up by the caller before an agent could answer them (Represented by a grey slashed arrow) If you hover over the grey arrow, you can also view when the call was abandoned. For example if it was abandoned while ringing, it shows 'abandoned (ringing)', if it was abandoned during IVR, it shows 'abandoned (ivr)'.

    4. Call direction:  View only incoming or outgoing calls

    5. Contact: View all conversations with a particular customer

    6. Agents: View all conversations by a particular agent

    7. Queues: Select conversations belonging to a particular view

    8. Teams : View conversations that was attended by a particular team

    9. Business hours: View conversations either outside or inside business hours 

  3. Once done click on ‘Filter Calls’, now you would be able to see only your filtered conversations

Choosing your call metrics

Within Freshcaller there are a range of metrics you can view in your call metric dashboard — 

The basic call metrics are: 

  1. Number

  2. Wait time 

  3. Handle time 

  4. Billing time 

  5. Short Abandon 

Garden and Estate plan users have access to advanced call metrics such as — 

  1. IVR time 

  2. Queue time 

  3. Ringing time 

  4. Answering speed

  5. Talk time 

  6. Hold time

  7. ACW time (After call work time)

  8. Time to Answer (Only in Estate plan) 

TIP: Understand what these metrics mean with the help of our article — understanding your call metrics

Follow these steps to choose the metrics you want to be displayed in the call metrics tab:

  1. Click on the eye icon, the list of metrics will be displayed here

  2. You can choose to view up to four metrics at a time in your call metrics tab 

  3. A small tick appears next to the metric you have chosen 


Using Freshcaller you can generate reports in CSV and Excel format, to generate a report: 

  1. Click on the export dropdown 

  1. Select how you want to export your call metrics — either as a CSV file or an Excel file 

  2. You will receive your report in the e-mail ID that you use to login into Freshcaller