A user can personalize their Freshcaller account by going to their profile settings, they would be able to change their time zone, language, name, phone number and more. 

To access profile settings:

  1. Click on the profile icon at the top right corner of the page 

  1. Select ‘Profile settings’, you should be able to see the following pop-up

NOTE: If you have updated your mobile and work number in your Freshworks profile it would be visible here. 

  1. If you want incoming calls to ring both on your speaker and headphones, toggle ‘Ring on speakers and headphones’. 

  1. Choose your desired time zone from the drop down menu, all your call logs will now reflect this time zone. 

  2. Choose your desired language from the drop down, the languages that we currently support are:

    1. English 

    2. German 

    3. Catalan 

    4. Czech 

    5. Danish 

    6. Spanish 

    7. Estonian 

    8. Finnish 

    9. French 

    10. Hungarian 

    11. Indonasian 

    12. Italian 

    13. Japanese 

    14. Korean 

    15. Latvian 

    16. Dutch 

    17. Norweigian 

    18. Polish 

    19. Portugese 

    20. Russian 

    21. Slovak 

    22. Slovenian

    23. Swedish 

    24. Thai 

    25. Turkish 

    26. Ukranina 

    27. Vietnamese

    28. Chinese

  3. Click on “Freshworks Profile’ to change your Freshworks profile details. 

  1. Your Freshworks Profile will open in a new tab and you will be able to see the following screen — 

  1. You can edit your Name, Work number, Mobile number, company name and Job title here. 

  2. Click on the password tab to change your password. 

  1. Click on Save to save your profile.