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NOTE: Holiday routing is available as an add-on feature for other plan users, please write to if you wish to enable it. 


Who can Configure holiday routing? 

Only an Admin or Account Admin can configure holiday routing. 


Once you have configured your holiday calendar, holiday routing allows you to direct calls to alternate lines that may be available just for the holiday, record a voicemail greeting suitable for a specific occasion, or temporarily divert calls to a queue that will operate during the holiday. This route exists outside the non-working hours routing and can be enabled selectively. 


To enable holiday routing:

  1. To configure the behavior of a phone number during holidays, click on Rules in the Admin menu.

  2. All the numbers you own would be displayed here. Hover over the number for which you wish to change the business hours and click on the edit button. 



2. Select Action (During Holidays) and choose where you would like to direct the customer:

  • Send to Voicemail — If you choose to send your caller to voicemail, click on ‘Send to Voicemail’ and select the message to be played from the drop down or create a new message. You can check our library article 

TIP: You can read more on creating messages in our article — Creating custom messages and greetings

  • Send to IVR menu — If you have already configured an IVR menu, choose the menu from the list of menus or you can choose to create a new one. 

TIP: If you have not configured an IVR menu, check out our article on Setting up your Interactive Voice Response System

  • Send to Call queue — If you wish to send your customer to a call queue choose this option. You can select from the list of call queues you have created earlier or create a new call queue. 

TIP: Check our library article for more details on creating a call queue

  • Hangup — Choosing this option simply hangs up the call after playing a message. You can also choose the message you wish to play to your caller before hanging up. 

3. Depending on the option you choose, you can specify which call queue, IVR menu, voicemail, or hang up message the customer will hear. By configuring these settings, you can ensure that your customers reach the right agent or leave a message for you to act on after the holidays.