Once you sign up for a Freshcaller account with a valid email id, you will receive an email to activate your account:

Click on the link sent in your mail id to go to the activation link.

Set a password and click Activate your account.
You can now start using your Freshcaller account. The account URL usually contains the email id that was used for signing up. Remember to bookmark the URL. If you want to have a different account URL, contact us at support.freshcaller.com.

Note: As you are the first person to sign up, you will be the account admin of your Freshcaller account. You can add users to your account. When you add users/agents to your account, they will receive an email to activate and join your account. Your agents can then start using your Freshcaller account using their credentials.

Next steps:

  1. Add credits

  2. Buy Numbers

  3. Manage your profile

  4. Set your availability status