When you are in a call with a customer, the following in conversation screen appears. All the previous conversations with the customer, customer details and corresponding call notes will be visible here —

You will be able to perform the following functions — 

  1. Pause Recording: Click on the pause button next to your call duration to pause and resume recording of the call. 

  2. Notes: Take notes during the call for future reference. 

  3. Call transfer: Freshcaller offers two types of transfers, you can transfer your call to an external number, agent or team.

    1. Warm Transfer

    2. Cold Transfer 

If you do not wish to transfer, you can also add another agent into your conversation: 

NOTE: You can add only one agent to your call and cannot add teams. You can only cold transfer to other teams. 

  1. Hold: Click on the Pause button next to the call transfer button to place your caller on hold. 

  2. Mute: Mute yourself by clicking on the mute button

  3. Dialpad: Click on the dialpad button to open your dialpad to input any digits 

  4. End: Click on the End call button to end your call.