The following in conversation screen appears when you attend a call. All the previous conversations with the customer, customer details and corresponding call notes will be visible here:

You can perform the following functions: 

  1. Pause Recording: Click on the pause button next to your call duration to pause and resume recording of the call. 

  2. Notes: Take notes during the call for future reference. 

  3. Conference Call: Add another agent or supervisor to your call.

  4. Call transfer: Freshcaller offers the following two types of transfer:

    • Warm Transfer

    • Cold Transfer

    • Add to 

  5. Hold: Click on the Pause button next to the call transfer button to place your caller on hold. 
  6. Mute: Click on the Mute button to mute yourself.
  7. Dialpad: Click on the dialpad button to open your dialpad to input any digits 
  8. End: Click on the End call button to end your call.

For more information on Transferring calls, see How to Activate Transfer Calls and Conference Calls