This article provides instructions on connecting your Bria phone with Freshcaller.

Note: Freshcaller generates SIP credentials and can guide you to connect your Bria phone. However, hardware installations and setup of the Bria phone do not come under the purview of the Freshcaller.

To connect your Bria SIP phone with Freshcaller follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Sign in to your Bria app and click on the Account Settings link or go to Preferences > Account Settings.

  1. In the Accounts tab, enter the following

    1. Account name: Give a name with which you can easily identify your account.

    2. User ID: Enter the login id received in your email from Freshcaller.

    3. Domain: Copy and paste the account URL from the same email.

    4. Password: Copy and paste the password form the email.

  2. Leave all other fields at their default.

  3. Click OK.

  1. Your account status window will come up. Make sure the Status shows a green dot

  2. If it is grey or red, the connection was unsuccessful. Try to enter your SIP credentials again and check if you are online on your Freshcaller account.

  3. You can start to make and receive calls once you see the green dot. 

To understand more on how to receive calls and on-call functions, read more.