Freshcaller will help you generate SIP credentials and guide you to connect your Zoiper account with Freshcaller. Other Zoiper specific installations and setup of your Zoiper account will not be handled by Freshcaller.

To connect your Zoiper SIP phone with Freshcaller, follow the steps mentioned below,

  1. Go to your inbox and search for an email with the subject line that reads, SIP credentials for your Freshcaller account.

  2. The format of your Zoiper username is login@account URL.

  3. So copy your login and paste it in the username field on the Zoiper interface. Add an @ symbol after the login.

  4. Now go back to your email, copy the account URL and paste it after the @ symbol in Zoiper.

  5. Then copy paste your password. 

  6. Click on Login.

  1. You’ll now be asked to confirm your hostname. Check if the pre-filled hostname is correct and click Next.

  1. The next step is authentication. But since it’s optional, you can skip it.

  1. Once you find a successful configuration, click Next and start attending calls that are routed to Zoiper from Freshcaller.