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What is an abandoned call?

A call is termed abandoned when a caller disconnects before any conversation is initiated by your phone team. It can happen while they are waiting in your call queue or even listening to your welcome greetings.

Why is it vital to track abandoned calls?

You can tweak your IVR or the entire inbound call flow to ensure that you have the right balance between getting the right context and asking too many questions before routing a call.

Who can track these abandoned calls in Freshcaller?

All users - Supervisors, Administrators, and Account Administrators in Freshcaler can track the real-time abandoned call metrics using the Live dashboard.

Where do I find the abandoned call metrics?

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.
  2. Go to the Live Dashboard.
  3. The KPI dashboard gives you insights into the number of abandoned calls received in the last hour or for the entire day.
  4. Click on the Abandoned call number to see more details in the Call Metrics section. 

To gain deeper analytics of abandoned calls, export your call logs to analyze the abandonment reason.

What are the different types of abandoned calls tracked by Freshcaller? How can you reduce them?

Freshcaller helps you analyze the abandoned calls by tracking the exact stage in the call life cycle where the caller abandoned the call. This can be found in the "abandonment reason" field in the call log export. 

  1. Abandoned(IVR): Calls abandoned by the caller when the IVR message is being played. This could happen if your lVRs have a long welcome message or if your callers are presented with a series of IVRs. Review the IVR welcome messages and IVR flows to identify problems.
  2. Abandoned(Call queue): Calls abandoned by the caller when the welcome message of a particular call queue is being played. This could happen if your welcome message is too long or the welcome message is not relevant to the customer's IVR option selected by the customer. Review the welcome messages set for the specific call queues where abandoned calls are high
  3. Abandoned(Wait queue): Calls abandoned by callers who are sent to the wait queue. This can happen if your call center is not sufficiently staffed during peak traffic, and callers are experiencing high wait times. Check the call volume analysis report in Freshcaller to identify your peak traffic time and improve agent availability.
    Analyze the Handle time and talk time of agents during peak hours.
  4. Abandoned(Ringing): Calls abandoned by callers when the call is ringing to the agents. This could happen if your agents are not picking the call fast enough. Check the average speed of answer of all agents in your call queue and plan for improvements.
  5. Abandoned(Voicemail): Calls abandoned by callers when your voicemail message is being played. This could be because of your voicemail welcome greeting. Review your welcome greeting to ensure it is short.
  6. Abandoned (Answer Bot): Calls abandoned by callers even before the voice bot plays the welcome message or when calls are abandoned without any conversation between customer and bot (both do not speak).
  7. Abandoned (Routing Automation): Calls abandoned by callers after the call entered the routing automation call flow and the welcome message is played.

You can use the Abandoned Call Metrics Curated Report in Freshcaller to analyze the trends and metrics required to reduce your abandoned calls.

Note: Abandonment reason is available only for customers in the Forest plan.