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Session Initiation Phone (SIP) lets you connect an IP-enabled external phone device with your Freshcaller account. With SIP, you can forward the incoming calls received on Freshcaller to ring on your external phone (hard phone or a softphone). You can also use it for outgoing calls.

User Requirements: Only an admin or account admin can configure and activate SIP phones for agents..

The SIP Configuration involves the following steps:

  1. Activating SIP for agents
  2. Connecting your SIP phone with Freshcaller

Activating SIP for agents

To configure and activate SIP phones:

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > SIP Phones.

  3. Click on New SIP Credentials.

  4. Click on the Agent drop-down option and enter the agent's name to see suggestions.
    You can also enable SIP for all agents in your account.

  5. To allow the agent to receive calls on the SIP phone, select Yes

  6. Click Add new SIP credentials.

  7. You can now see the agents with SIP credentials. To resend the activation mail to your agents, hover-over the agent name and click on the send activation link.
    If you want to delete the agent's SIP credentials, click on the delete icon.

  8. Once the SIP credentials are enabled, your agents will receive an activation mail. These credentials are required for configuring and connecting SIP phones with Freshcaller.


  1. For each new person added to the Freshcaller account, the admin needs to activate their SIP access.
  2. The SIP credentials sent to a user are specific to their respective login only, i.e., one agent can not use another agent's credentials.
  3. You can configure and activate SIP credentials for an agent only once, which means you cannot add new SIP credentials for the same agent. However, you can resend the activation link to the agents at any time.

    If you want to activate new SIP credentials for an already activated agent account, delete the existing credentials, and then add new credentials.