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As an agent, you may want to make or receive calls over a hard phone. In such scenarios, you can use the Freshcaller SIP connectivity feature. If your admin enables a SIP connection for you and once you have the SIP phone active, you can answer or receive customer calls from the SIP phone instead of the browser.

Note: When your SIP phone is active and your answering status is on (Yes), you can answer and receive calls only from your SIP phone and NOT from your Browser. 

How do I connect to my SIP phone?

  • As soon as your admin activates your SIP access and toggles your SIP answering status to Yes, you will receive an email on your registered email address with your SIP login credentials. 

  • Look for an email with the Subject line: SIP credentials for your Freshcaller account.

  • This email gives you your account URL (domain name), login, and password.

  • Based on the SIP phone that you are using, you’ll have to follow the installation steps and enter the above details on the SIP phone.

  • Take help of the following guides for the installation of:

How do I know when I receive calls on my SIP phone?

  • All incoming calls to your Freshcaller number are routed to your SIP phone if you’ve successfully connected your SIP phone to Freshcaller. 

  • On your browser, you’ll see notifications of all your incoming calls with a tag that says ‘Ringing on SIP phone’.

  • Once you pick the call from your SIP phone, the Freshcaller In conversation tab opens up. 

  • Now you’ll be able to use almost all your on-call capabilities that you’d generally use while you make the call from the browser.

  • You can still use the following on-call functions from within the Freshcaller interface even though you attend to a call from your SIP phone,

    • Put your call on hold

    • Transfer your call

    • Take notes

    • Add the caller as a contact

    • Record calls and also pause the recording

    • Use the dialpad

  • While, for muting or disconnecting your call, use your SIP phone’s native mute and end call option.

  • Every call that you receive on your SIP phone gets automatically logged and can be referenced from the Freshcaller call metrics anytime.

SIP settings that a Freshcaller agent can configure/edit

You can change your SIP availability status from your Profile Settings option, within your Freshcaller account.

We have provided an agent level control to do the same.

  • Once your admin has activated your SIP phone for the first time using his/her admin console, and you’ve picked calls at least once using your SIP phone, you need not depend on your admin for changing your SIP status anymore.(But, in case you aren’t able to access the SIP connectivity toggle, you need to ask your admin to first activate your SIP access)

  • After the initial activation, you can go to your Profile picture > Profile Settings.

  • Choose the Receive calls on SIP phone drop down > Yes/No to toggle your SIP availability settings.