The Agent section in Freshcaller gives call center admins and supervisors insights into the availability status of all agents who are supporting customers for a specific queue.

The Live Dashboard tab on the left panel in Freshcaller shows you the following details:

  • In Queue: Visibility into call queues

  • In Conversation: Ongoing conversation between agents and customers

  • Agents: Agent availability status and their last activity information

The Agent section in the Live Dashboard provides insights into:

  • Agents who are part of the selected queue

  • Their availability status

    • Available: Ready to take calls

    • After Call Work: Cool-off period before taking the next call where they can take notes and wrap up the call

    • Other: Status other than Available and After Call Work

  • Latest call activity - the last time they answered a call

As you filter the call queue, the agent availability section will automatically display agents for the selected queue. Admins can use this to quickly check agent activities periodically to ensure agent and call performance.