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An agent's status determines if they can make/receive calls and becomes the deciding factor for routing incoming calls in your account. Only an agent/user who is available (on browser or mobile) can receive calls. 

Freshcaller provides a set of default and custom agent statuses. The difference between default and custom status is that, unlike a default agent status, you have the option to enable/disable a custom status. 

The default and custom statuses are available for all the users in your account. However, when you disable a custom status, it will be hidden for the agents to choose. For details, see Setting Your Availability Status.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Default agent status
  2. Adding a new custom status
  3. Monitoring Agent Availability

Default agent status

The list of default and custom statuses are

Status NameStatus TypeDescriptionAvailable to take Calls?
AvailableDefaultIndicates that the agent is logged in to the account and is available to make/receive calls.Yes
BusyDefaultIndicates that the agent is currently attending a customer call. When an agent attends a call, their status is automatically set to busy.No
After Call WorkDefaultIndicates that an agent is performing post-call activities such as adding call notes/tags.
Once a customer ends the call, the agent's status automatically changes to After Call Work (ACW) until the agent closes the in-conversation widget.
Forward to PhoneDefaultIndicates that the agent is available to take calls on their personal phone.

To receive calls on the Freshcaller mobile app, add your phone number under your Profile Settings and change your status to Forward to phone.

Note: Though this is a default custom status, it can be enabled only on request. If you want to enable this status for your account, reach out to support@freshcaller.com.
OfflineDefaultIndicates that the agent has not logged into the account.No
MeetingCustomIndicates that the agent is logged in to the account but is attending a meeting. Hence cannot make/receive calls.No
BreakCustomIndicates that the agent is logged in to the account but is away for a break. Hence cannot make/receive calls.No
TrainingCustomIndicates that the agent is logged in to the account but maybe attending training. Hence cannot make/receive calls.No
LunchCustomIndicates that the agent is logged in to the account but is away for lunch. Hence cannot make/receive calls.No

Adding a new custom status

In addition to the statuses available, you can add additional custom statuses and enable them for the agents in your account to use.

User Requirements: Only admins or account admins can add and enable new custom statuses.

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Agent Statuses. Here you can see the list of default and custom statuses available.

  3. Click on New Agent Status.

  4. Enter the status name and select a matching emoji.

  5. Click Add agent status.

The new custom status added will now be visible for your agents in their accounts.

Monitoring Agent Availability

As an admin or supervisor, you can instantly check and monitor the availability status of all your agents from the Live Dashboard.

Here, you can see the time spent by an agent in a particular status. You can also filter by status and check the number of agents currently in that status.