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The Freshcaller live dashboard is a live tracking performance tool that allows you to view and analyze all the ongoing activities in your call center with the help of interactive visualization. The data you see in the live dashboard is updated automatically. 

With the live dashboard, you can:

  • View real-time data for the past one hour or for the entire day
  • View the list of customers who are currently waiting in the queue
  • Check your team's or queue's performance against the configured service level target
  • Barge into a live ongoing call
  • Monitor your agent's availability
  • View and access real-time call center's KPIs
  • Save/filter views

User Requirements: Supervisors, admins, and account admins can view and access the live dashboard.

Note: Additionally, the Live Dashboard access can be extended to agents on request.

To view the live dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.
  2. From the left panel, click on the live dashboard icon. By default, the live dashboard displays the current day's data for all queues in your account. If you want to view the data for a specific queue, select the queue using the filter options. You can also choose to view the data for the last hour.
  3. You can see the following sections or dashboards within the live dashboard:
    1. Filter and save views: Lets you filter the dashboard view based on queue or teams. You can also view the data for the last hour or for the entire day. For more details, see Filtering and Saving Live Dashboard Views.
    2. Service Level Monitoring (SLM) dashboard: Monitor and keep track of the service level targets achieved by each queue in your account. For more details, see Viewing and Monitoring Service Level Dashboard.
      Note: This section is visible only for Enterprise customers.
    3. KPI dashboard: Track and monitor the key performance indicators of your call center. For more details, see Monitoring Your Important KPIs.
    4. In Queue: View the callers currently waiting in the queue. For more details, see Managing your customers in wait queue.
    5. In Conversation: View and monitor the ongoing customer conversations. You can also barge into a call directly from here.
    6. Agent Availability: View and monitor the activity status of all your agents in one place. For more details, see Viewing availability of agents across all teams.