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The In Queue section in the Live Dashboard allows you to view the number of callers currently waiting in the queues. This happens when the callers enter the wait queue

It gives you visibility into the call volumes and helps you prioritize the call inflows. As a supervisor or an admin of your account, you can use the In Queue section to do the following:

  • View the number of callers waiting to be attended by agents 

  • View the wait times for all callers in queue

  • View the caller details, including the name and company

  • View the queue name where the caller is waiting

  • Directly assign a caller to an available agent

  • Directly attend the call as a supervisor or admin

User Requirements: The In Queue section in the live dashboard is visible to supervisors, admins, and account admins.

Note: Additionally, the Live Dashboard access can be extended to agents on request.

This article contains the following sections:

Viewing the callers in queue

  1. Log in to your account and click on the live dashboard tab from the left panel.
  2. Under the In Queue section, you can see the callers placed in the waiting queue.
  3. You can also switch between the queue names using the drop-down option available at the top and see the number of callers waiting in the selected queue.

Managing the callers in queue

The In Queue section allows you to manage and prioritize your callers waiting in the queue. This helps you quickly reduce the call volume and increase your call center's performance and efficiency. 

How to assign a waiting customer to another agent?

If you see your most important customers waiting in the queue, you can immediately assign them to another available agent who is part of the same queue. For example, if you have a customer waiting in the "US Support" call queue, you can assign the call to another agent who is part of a team mapped to the US Support call queue. However, you cannot assign a call to an agent who is part of another queue.

  1. Go to the Live Dashboard.
  2. Under In Queue section, click on the caller you wish to assign to another agent and select Assign call to an agent. You will see the list of available (online) agents in your account.
  3. Select the preferred agent.
  4. Now the call will be assigned to the selected agent.
    Note: If the assigned agent does not answer or if another call rings to the agent at the same time, you will see the following error message. In this case, the caller will be placed back in the wait queue.

How to attend the call directly?

As a supervisor or an admin, you can also directly assign the call to yourself. This can be useful when no other agents are online, or you feel that the caller has been waiting for a long time.

Note: You can also enable this feature for agents. With this feature, agents can directly attend to high-priority calls without depending on their supervisors to assign calls to them. If you want to enable this feature for your agents, please contact support.freshcaller.com.

  1. Go to the Live Dashboard.
  2. Under In Queue section, click on the caller you wish to attend and select Take the call.

Tip: If you want to quickly check the total number of manually assigned calls to other agents or picked up by the supervisor from live Dashboard, go to Call Metrics and filter the calls using the wait queue management filter. 
This helps you analyze the number of manual assignments done in a queue. With this data, you can find ways to improve your queue's efficiency by adding more agents to the queue.