What can’t be measured can’t be improved! 

Freshcaller Reports will help you understand how your team of call center agents are performing, and what needs to be improved for better efficiency. These reports can be customized and edited based on what’s most useful for you and your team. 

Who can access Freshcaller reports? 

You need to be an

  1. Account Admin

  2. Admin

  3. Or Supervisor

to access the Analytics module inside Freshcaller.

Where can you find the Analytics module in Freshcaller?

  1. Login as an admin/ account admin/ supervisor.

  2. Click on the Reports icon.

  1. You’ll be directed to the Analytics dashboard that shows the list of Curated Reports if you are opening it for the first time, or your recently updated reports anytime after that.

What are Freshcaller Curated Reports? 

  1. Curated Reports are pre-built reports in Freshcaller that are readily available for you to make use of.

  1. These are reports typically used by call center supervisors and admins.

  1. We have a total of five Curated Reports to start with:

           Call reports

  • Call volume analysis
  • Call analytics - Last 7 days
  • Call analytics - Last 30 days


            Agent performance reports

  • Agent performance - Last 7 days
  • Agent performance - Last 30 days

  1. Curated Reports can’t be edited or customized. If you want to make changes to them, you can clone a curated report and then edit them further. Refer to the section at the end to know more on how to clone and edit the Curated Reports.

To know more on each of these reports refer to the Curated Reports article.

What are the views available on the Analytics dashboard?

Apart from the Curated Reports, you have some pre-set views for easy access and quick analysis.

  1. Recently viewed:

 This view helps you see all your reports in the order of your last seen. The report that you viewed most recently gets listed first followed by the others.

  1. All Reports:

You can see all the reports created and shared with you starting from the most recently updated report.

  1. My Reports:

These are the reports created by you and whose visibility was set as ‘Only me’.

  1. Shared Reports:

This view helps you see all the reports that are not created by you but have been shared with you by your colleagues.

  1. Curated Reports:

Curated Reports are default reports created by Freshcaller for you to use instantly. These are created based on the most useful and widely used reports in a call center. Curated Reports can’t be edited or customized. However, they can be cloned and then modified. 

  1. Schedules:

In case you’ve scheduled a few reports, they get listed under this view. 

You can refer the How to create a new report in Freshcaller? and What are the Curated Reports? How to use them? to know more about reporting.