Freshcaller Reports help you understand the overall performance of your call center in terms of agent productivity and call center health. With these reports, you can  identify what needs to be improved to serve your customers better. With Freshcaller, you get a set of default curated reports and also have the option to create custom reports. 

User/Role Requirements

To access Freshcaller reports, you must have Admin, Account Admin, or Supervisor permissions.


Before proceeding, take a look at the list of terminologies related to the Reports used in the current and following articles:

  • Widget: The building blocks of a report. Widgets provide a visual representation of the raw data metrics as a chart, graph, table or text.
  • Reports: A set of widgets that can be further customized to suit your requirements. A report gives you the bigger picture by drawing insights from each of these widget.
  • Filters: Individual dimensions/metrics that allow you to further to drill down a report or a widget to gain deeper insights.
  • Curated Reports: Freshcaller provides a set of five default reports that are curated to give you the most required data for any call center.

For example, Call volume analysis is the report in the image below while Call volume trend by month is the widget that contributes to a part of the bigger picture.

Viewing Reports

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account and click on the Reports icon on the left panel.
    The Analytics Home page displays the list of all recently viewed reports. Scroll down to see more details of each report, such as, the number of widgets in each report and the last updated time.
  2. Click on the All reports drop-down to view reports based on the report type. The different report types are:
    • My reports: Shows the reports with visibility set to Only me. These reports are visible only to you.
    • Shared reports:  Shows the list of reports that others shared with you. 
    • Curated reports: Shows the default curated reports. You cannot edit these reports; however, you can clone and then edit the reports based on your requirements.
    • Schedules: Shows the list of scheduled reports.
  • You can schedule reports only if you have a Garden or Estate plan.
  •  By default, the reports are displayed in List view. To view the report in Grid view, click on the Show as drop-down and select Grid view.

Working With Reports

Freshcaller provides various options to effectively use the reports based on your business requirements. Check out the list of tasks you can perform with Freshcaller Reports:

  1. Create new reports
    Note: This option is available only for Garden and Estate customers.
  2. Clone a report
  3. Schedule a report
  4. Apply filters
  5. Export reports
  6. Change the visualization

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