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Who can configure it?

Only an Admin or Account Admin can configure business hours.

Each business has dedicated business hours and chances are you may not work 24x7. With Freshcaller you don’t have to worry about missing calls that come outside business hours, you can customize your team's business hours and control what happens to the non-business hour calls.

Adding business hours to your phone number

For every team assigned with a phone number, you, as an administrator can define the business hours (working hours).

  • Click on Admin > Business Hours > New Business Hours

  • Give your business hours a name — especially if your number is used by specific regions or teams
    • Select a Timezone, based on the region you expect calls from.
    • Set custom time for every day of the week during which callers can reach your business. By default, your business hours is set as Mon-Fri, 8:00hrs to 17:00hrs.

    • You can edit the default business hours by clicking on the Edit icon or add new business hours with the Add Business Hours option.

      • By adding new business hours, you can set your weekend business hours(Sat and Sun) to be different from the weekdays.

      • You can also use the Add time slot option to further customize business hours for a single day. For example if your working hours for Monday to Friday is from 9:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs, with a lunch break of an hour and a snack break from 5:30 to 5:45, where your team will be Away, you can define the business hours for the day as:

    • Now, the agents won't be wrongly penalised for missing calls that come in during lunch and break. Also, the admin can make the non-business hour routing rules smart enough such that these calls that come in outside these time slots have a fall back option. 

    • In case of calls that fall outside your business hours, you can define the non-business hour routing rules from the Rules tab

      • TIP: Decide what action to take outside business hours by going to the rules tab, for more information on setting up your rules, check our article on setting up your call center rules. Ensure that you configure business hours for every number you own in the rules tab to make sure you don’t miss any calls. 

        • You can also select a 24/7 option to have calls coming in at all times. 

        • You can also add all holidays using the Add Holidays option.

      • TIP: Check our article on adding holiday calendar to learn how to add holidays: