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Phone credits are prepaid cash that you can add/purchase in advance.  Freshcaller uses your purchased phone credits to manage your number and call charges.

User Requirements: Only an account admin can add phone credits.

How are phone credits used in Freshcaller?

Your phone credits are used/deducted for the following:

Note: Call charges may include additional charges for call recording, call barging, transfer/conference call, charges for calls attended on SIP phone, and etc. For mor edetails, see our call rates. 

What happens when you do not have enough phone credits?

As phone credits get exhausted every time you make or receive a call, it is necessary to recharge the credits whenever your account goes below $2 to avoid downtime. When phone credits are low, you cannot make or receive calls or purchase numbers. 

  1. If you run out of credits and try to make a call, you will see the following message on the caller widget.
  2. When you try buying a phone number with insufficient credits, the buy button will be disabled.

This article includes the following sections:

  1. Types of recharge methods
  2. Recharge credits online
  3. Auto-recharge credits online
  4. Recharge credits offline via mail
  5. Auto-recharge credits offline

Types of recharge methods

At Freshcaller, you can add or recharge your phone credits in multiple ways.

  1. Online recharge
    Recharge your phone credits with a credit card. You could do this in the following ways:
  2. Offline recharge
    Recharge your credits offline even without a credit card. This can be done in the following ways:
    1. Offline recharge via email
    2. Offline auto-recharge

Recharge credits online

To manually recharge your credits with a credit card:

  1. Log in to your account as an Account admin 

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Billing. You can check your current credit balance here.

  3. Click on Add Credit and choose the recharge amount. You can recharge the credits for $5, $10, or $25. If you want to add more credits, contact us at support@freshcaller.com.

  4. Enter your card details and make the payment.

Auto-recharge credits online

An alternate solution to add/recharge your credits is to use the auto-recharge option. By default, the auto-recharge option is disabled. When you enable this option, the credits are automatically renewed every month when the balance reaches $5.

  1. To enable this option, click on the Edit button under Auto-recharge.
  2. Select the recharge amount you want to add each month and click Save.

    1. You can auto-recharge your account for any amount between $5 and $5000. If you wish to increase the amount, drop us an email at support@freshcaller.com.
    2. The auto-recharge option is not available when you are on trial. You can write to billing@freshworks.com to procure the invoice.

Recharge credits offline via mail

If you do not wish to keep a credit card on file, you can choose to recharge your credits offline. You will receive a mail whenever your account's credit goes below $5. You can then mail us at support@freshcaller.com with the credit amount you want to add. 

The billing team will add the credits and generate the invoice with you. Also, if you opt for offline recharge, the auto-recharge option will not work. However, if there is a credit card saved in your account, you could manually recharge.

Auto-recharge credits offline

If you wish to auto-recharge your credits offline, send a mail to the billing team at billing@freshworks.com with the following details:

  • The recharge amount you wish to add with every reload
  • The threshold value of credits you want to set before we reload. For example, If the threshold is $100, we will reload every time the credit balance hits $100
  • The maximum amount of phone credits per month you expect to spend
  • For offline invoicing, the billing team will additionally ask you to fill a SOF, which your account manager will use, to raise an offline invoice and add phone credits.

  1. The auto-recharge option is not available when you are in trial.
  2. The invoices are sent to the account admin's registered email id.
  3. In case you want to add credits via wire transfer, checks, or any other mode of payment, drop us an email at support@freshcaller.com.