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For any Freshcaller account, you need phone credits to buy numbers or make and receive calls.  Only Account Admins can access the Billing Section and add phone credits. 

  • If you run out of credits and try to make a call, you’ll see this message on your call widget

  • If you try buying a number with insufficient credits, the buy button stays disabled.

When faced with either of these two issues, you may need to recharge your account. You can also opt for the auto recharge option to avoid this scenario in the future and automatically purchase credits once it is low.

How to add credits to your account?

  1. Login as an Account admin to your Freshcaller account.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Billing.

  3. You can check your current credit balance here. 

  1. To recharge, click the Add credits button and choose the credits that you want to add.

  1. An easier option is to enable the auto-recharge option. By default, the auto-recharge option is disabled. 

  1. To enable this option, click the Edit button.

  1. You can recharge from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $500.

      NOTE: Contact us at if you want to add more than $500.

  1. After choosing the credits that you want to add every month automatically, Save the changes.


  1. Auto recharge is not available when you are in trial. To add credits, you need to click the Buy credits button under the Billing section of your Admin Settings.

  1. If you have enabled the auto-recharge option, credits are added whenever your balance hits a minimum of $5.

  1. You’ll receive all your invoices via email—to the account admin’s email address.

  2. In case you want to add credits via wire transfer, checks, or any other mode of payment, drop us an email at