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Voicebot understands your customer's voice, identifies their intent, and provides instant and precise answers to their questions, 24x7. The Voicebot setup involves the following steps:

  • Training the bot
  • Configuring Smart Answer Flow

This article provides the steps required to train your bot and other options available on the bot training page. To know how to configure the Voicebot call flow, refer to Configure Smart Answer Call Flow.

User/Role Requirements:

To train your Voicebot, you must have admin permissions.

Language Support: The Voicebot is currently supported only in English.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Training The Voicebot
  2. View Voicebot Insights
  3. Customize Voicebot Settings

Training The Voicebot

Training your bot requires you to create a strong knowledge base with the customer's most frequently asked questions. The bot uses the training to provide instant solutions to customer queries. Add as many questions as you want to have the training. The more questions you add, the better will be the bot's performance. 

Check out the video here for a quick walkthrough:

To configure/train your Voicebot:

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account as an admin user.
  2. Navigate to Admin Settings > Answer Bot.
  3. To add a question and an answer, click on the New Answer button in the top right corner.
  4. Enter a question. Based on the text entered, Voicebot gives suggestions on similar existing questions in your training. If you feel the suggested question is similar, choose Yes this similar to add your question as a variant to the current question.
    However, if you want to add this as a new question, proceed with the next step.
  5. Click Add an Answer and enter the solution.
  6. Next, add examples or variants for the question you just entered. This helps the bot to recognize a question in different ways. For the example above, you can add variant questions such as "What's my order status?" You can add a maximum of 5 example questions.

View Voicebot Insights

The dashboard on the bot page gives you a quick overview of how the bot's solutions are performing in real-time and lets you identify answers that need attention. Based on this, you can improve the answers and create a better knowledge base for the bot. You can also use the filter option to view answers based on these categories.

  • Unanswered: Indicates the questions that do not have any solutions yet.
  • Improve Coverage: Indicates questions that do not have enough variant examples
  • Underperforming: Indicates answers/solutions that need more clarity as the customers did not find them helpful.

Alternatively, click on the Answers tab to view all the questions and answers in your training. Here, you can see the number of times the bot used an answer to reply to the customer.

Customize Voicebot Settings

Give your bot a personalized look that matches your company's brand and value. By default, the Voicebot is named Freddy. However, you can change the name and add a profile image.

  1. On the Voicebot configuration page, click on Settings.
  2. Change the name and upload an image of your choice. Make sure that you upload a PNG/JPEG image and dimensions of at least 100 X 100 in pixels.
  3. Click Save changes.

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