Freshcaller operates with Twilio, our carrier service provider. Twilio considers the security of our customers as their priority and has a certain control over the countries or phone numbers that you can dial from Freshcaller. Hence, it restricts outbound calls to certain countries/regions due to the high risk of international toll-fraud services and various security reasons. Such geographic permissions are enabled to protect the application from unexpectedly high call costs. 

When you try making calls to specific restricted regions, you may receive a restriction message - “Account not allowed to call the restricted country

If you want to make outgoing calls to these regions/numbers, please reach out to with the following details:

  1. The business use case for making outgoing calls to these regions
  2. A copy of your company’s business proof (Business registration document, Tax invoice, Utility bill, etc.)

Once the documents are verified, our Support team will immediately whitelist the regions/countries you'd like to make calls to.