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Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) is a telephony system that allows you to identify and segment your incoming callers and make intelligent routing options.

When a customer calls, the IVR prompts a set of keypress actions or voice commands (for example, “press/say 1 for order status, 2 for refund, 3 for cancelation”) to customers. Based on the customer’s response, you can route them to a specific team, agent, external number, or voicemails.

User Requirements: Users with admin or account admin access can configure IVR call flow.    

Types of IVR

At Freshcaller, you can configure the following types of IVR:

  1. Basic IVR: Allows you to configure a classic IVR where customers give their input via keypress options. 

  2. Speech-enabled IVR: Allows your callers to converse or raise queries verbally instead of navigating through key-press IVR menus. For more information, see Configuring and Managing Speech Enabled IVR.

Configuring IVR Call Flow

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. On the left panel, go to Admin Settings > Call Workflows.

  3. On the right panel, click Basic IVR.

  4. IVR Menu Name: Enter a name for the IVR call flow.

  5. Play Message: Select a message to initiate the IVR call flow. Freschaller provides a set of default voice messages. You can either choose to select this message or create a new message.

  6. Keypress/Action: Enter the keypress options and select and corresponding action to take. The options are:

    1. Send to call queue: Select this option to send your customer to a call queue. You can select from the list of call queues available in your account or create a new call queue.

    2. Send to Voicemail: Select this option to play a prerecorded voice message to your customers. You can select from the list of messages that are already available in your account or create a new message.

    3. Send to IVR Menu: Select this option to send your customer to a second IVR tree. You can select from the list of IVRs available in your account or create a new IVR tree. 

    4. Send to Agent Extension: Select this option to send the customer to an agent extension flow

    5. Send to Routing Automation: Select this option to send the customer to a routing automation flow.

    6. Hangup: Select this to hang up. Select the message to play before hanging up or create a new message.

  7. After N repeats: Enter the number of times you want to repeat the IVR menu options to the customers. Also, select the action to perform if the customer provides invalid or no input.

  8. Click Save.
    Once you save the IVR call flow, you can assign the IVR to any number in your account.

  • It is recommended to keep your IVR menus to a minimum of three key press options
  • Having clear and short messages before playing the IVR menus make your IVRs easy to understand and customer friendly. Check out this article for details on the best practices.