What is a call workflow?

A call flow is a workflow that allows you to automate all your inbound calls. You can assign each number in your account to a call flow and decide how you want to route the call.

For example, you can create a “Billing Support Queue” and redirect the queue to a team that can handle billing inquiries. When you assign this queue to number in your account, for example, +1 xxx-xxx-xxx, all calls made to +1 xxx-xxx-xxx will be sent to the “Billing Support Queue.”

If you have an e-commerce business, you can first redirect your customers to an IVR tree, and based on their response, route them to other call queues.

How do call workflows work?

Once you buy a number in Freshcaller, you can assign a call flow to that number. When a customer calls on that number, they will be routed based on the rules and fallback actions configured in the call flow.

What are the fallback actions in call workflow?

Each call flow comes with a set of call handling rules/scenarios. Fallback actions let you decide how the calls should be routed in case of these scenarios. For example:

  • How to handle the call, if all my agents are busy or unavailable to take calls

  • How to handle the call, if a customer does not give any IVR keypress/voice response or if the response is invalid?

  • What to do if a customer waits too long in a wait queue?

  • What to do if a bot does not know the answer to a customer’s query

Types of call workflows

Each type of call flow in Freshcaller lets you route calls to a particular agent, team, or an external number. In addition, each call flow comes with a set of call handling rules that allow you to decide how to handle calls and set fallback actions.

Call Workflow TypeDescriptionReference

Basic Call Queue

Create a basic call flow and route calls to a particular team, agent, or external numbers.

In addition, you can place the callers in wait queue if all agents are busy and also decide what to do if wait time exceeds a certain duration

Setting up your Call Queues


Create a call flow that will prompt the callers with IVR key press options. Based on the caller’s response, you can route the callers to another call queue or voicemail.

Setting up your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

Agent Extension Flow

Create a call flow to route the caller’s directly to an agent’s personal extension number.

Configure Agent Extensions with Freshcaller

Speech-enabled IVR

Create a call flow that allows customers to give their voice response to the IVR options set. 

Configuring and Managing Speech Enabled IVR

Smart Answer Call Flow

Create a call flow that allows customers to talk to the Freshcaller bot and get instant answers to their queries.

Configure Smart Answer Call Flow

Routing Automation 

Create a call flow that allows you to route callers based on dynamic real-time inputs from external systems (CRMs/Helpdesks) used by your business.

Configuring Routing Automation Call Flow