Create multiple messages for various scenarios and have them played during appropriate scenarios.

Creating a new message

  • Click on Admin > Messages > New Message

  • Give your message a name - Voicemail, call wait message, welcome greeting, etc.

  • Use either of the three ways to create a new message

    • Record your voice: Click the Record button and speak into your computer mic and record your message

    • Upload message: If you already have a pre-recorded message in the form of an audio file, click Upload and add your message

    • Text to speech: Type your message using the text box and Freshcaller will read that message for your desired scenario

  • Select a message voice - whether you want a male or a female voice to read your text to speech messages

  • Click Add Message

Add as many types of messages you want for your phone number and simply choose messages in Freshcaller. For example, after adding various types of messages inside Freshcaller, simply choose appropriate messages when customizing your phone number. When building your call flow, adding new rules, etc. you can choose a message from the list and add for your scenario.

At any point, you can edit your messages or even search for messages from your message list.