To use Freshcaller, here is a basic requirement you will need to get up and running:

  • Minimum 20kbps per agent per call. The more the better.
    • You can benchmark your network connectivity in Our service provider recommends "A" rating from pingtest for seamless voice data transmission.


For an even better call quality experience, we recommend you to enable DSCP and whitelist the following IP address range for QoS:

Region IDLocationMedia Server IP Address RangeCIDR notation
au1Australia54.252.254.64 -, -,
br1Brazil177.71.206.192 -, -,
ie1Ireland54.171.127.192 -, -,
de1Frankfurt35.156.191.128 -, -,
jp1Japan54.65.63.192 -, -,
sg1Singapore54.169.127.128 -, -,
us1US East Coast (Virginia) - , -,



Additionally, enabling DSCP by default in compatible browsers (currently Google Chrome) will tag WebRTC media packets, enabling differentiated handling on a LAN, so that real-time media can be prioritized above other network traffic. All of this will ensure a better overall call quality experience.


To troubleshoot and set up your network to experience best call quality using Freshcaller, check this step by step guide.