Once you have enabled your Freshcaller account, the phone widget will appear on the bottom right side of your screen.


Making a phone call using Freshcaller

Clicking on the phone icon will open up the widget where you can view:

  • Recent calls that are made to contacts, customers, or external numbers

  • Time when you made the call

  • Click to call the contact you recently spoke with

  • Search for saved contacts from your customer list or numbers from your Call Logs

    • If you already know the country code and the phone number you want to call, simply type the whole number and the country details will automatically change

    • In case you do not know the country code, click on the flag drop down to view country code information and select the appropriate one, followed by which you can enter the phone number


  • You can also use the dialer button on the bottom of the widget to open up a dial pad that you can use for making calls


  • In case you own multiple phone numbers, you can choose a number from the drop down on top of the widget to make the outgoing call

    • This number will appear as the outgoing caller ID when calling customers or contacts