This article provides details on the options/features available on the Freshcaller phone widget during an ongoing call. For instructions on making or receiving calls in Freshcaller, see Making and Receiving Calls in Freshcaller.

When you make or receive a call, you will see the following conversation screen.

The various options/features available are:

  1. Contact Details: View the customer's contact details such as name, phone number, company name, email id, and address. To edit the contact details, click on the Edit option. The contact details will be saved to your account.
  2. Conversations: View all the past conversations that the customer had with you or other agents. You can also use the Search Conversation Notes option at the top to search for specific call notes. The search results display the conversations that have the call notes text you entered.
  3. Call Notes/Tags: Use the box to add a detailed call summary. You can also add call tags to specify the outcome of the call. For details, see Adding Call Notes and  Using Call Tags.
  4. Integrations: If your Freshcaller account is integrated with other Freshworks apps, such as Freshdesk, or if you have a third-party app integration, click on the app to view the customer information directly on the app. For more details, see Getting Started with Marketplace Apps.
  5. Pause/Resume Recording: Click to pause/resume the call recording. By default, all calls are recorded in Freshcaller. However, you can change this setting under Number Properties. For details, see Pause call recording.
  6. Transfer/Conference: Click this icon to transfer your calls to another agent or invite another agent to your call. For details, see Transferring Calls.
  7. Pause: Click to put your customers on hold.
  8. Mute: Click to mute yourself.
  9. Keypad: Click to use the keypad. This is useful to enter the digits if an agent you wish to transfer has an extension enabled.
  10. Voicemail Drop: Send pre-recorded voicemail messages to the customers if an outgoing call you make goes unanswered.
    Note: This option is visible only when you make an outgoing call.