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Call recording helps you analyze all your conversations, learn from your colleagues’ and recognize bottlenecks in yours and your team’s performance. This gives good transparency to what is asked and answered over a call and helps refer back to it as and when needed.

Who can configure call recording in Freshcaller?

Only an Admin or an Account Admin can enable call recording for a given number.

How to configure it?

Call recording can be enabled or disabled for calls associated to a specific phone number.

  1. Login as an Admin/Account Admin into your Freshcaller account.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Numbers.

  1. Hover over the purchased number for which you want to enable recording.

  2. Click the Edit icon to edit that number’s properties.

  1. In the right side panel that comes up, click on the Record type dropdown. 

  1. Record all calls is the default option that is pre-filled.

  1. You can choose from the following recording options:

  1. Do not record calls: If you want don’t want to record any (incoming and outgoing) calls associated with a specific phone number, choose this option.

  2. Record all calls: You can record all your phone calls be it incoming or outgoing with this option.

  3. Record incoming calls: If you are using Freshcaller predominantly for your inbound phone conversations, you can choose to record only your incoming calls using this option.

  4. Record outgoing calls: You can choose to record only your outbound phone conversations using this option, if you mostly use Freshcaller for making outbound calls.. 

  5.  Record manually: Just in case you want to be a brand that takes consent before recording a call, choose this option. Manual call recording keeps your customers/callers informed that their call is being recorded and only if they agree to it, will your agent start recording the call.


Note: You need to scroll down the drop-down to view all the options.

  1. Once you’ve chosen your preference, click Save Changes.

  1. Your call recording preference will be reflected for every call you make or receive in the future from the chosen number.