When a customer calls your phone line, the first thing they get to hear is your ringtone. Your ringtone is vital since it sets the tone for your phone conversation and is the first touchpoint for your brand.

Why are custom ringtones important?

Supervisors in various call centers have noticed that the music or a custom message played for a caller, while on wait or when the person first dials in, goes a long way in reducing call abandonment. 

Who can set up custom ringtones in Freshcaller?

Administrators and Account Administrators in Freshcaller can set up custom ringtones for every phone number that their business owns inside Freshcaller. 

How to set up a custom ringtone in Freshcaller

  1. Click on Admin-> Numbers section

  2. You can see a list of phone numbers associated with your Freshcaller account.
  3. Click on the phone number or the edit symbol when you move your mouse in the phone number region listing.


        4. When you click on edit, you will find all the phone number properties listed on the right-hand side of the screen.

        5. Click on the Custom Ringtone dropdown to add any existing message or tune as the primary ringtone for your phone number. You can also create new messages or ringtones for your callers by using our 'Speech to Text' capability, uploading your mp3 file, or even recording a nice message yourself. Please check out our custom message creation guide to understand how to use our 'Speech to Text' or upload options in detail.

        6. Choose or create a message for your phone number and click on 'Save Changes'. Your phone number will now have your preferred custom ringtone or message to be played to your callers.