A warm transfer can be initiated when an agent (who is currently speaking with a customer) wants to transfer the call to another agent. Using the warm transfer function, the agent can speak with the new agent - out of customer earshot - before the call is transferred. This way, agent 1 can tell agent 2 about the customer’s issue and provide background information that might be helpful. 

How to initiate a Warm Transfer:

1. While on call, click the Forward icon to see the agents and teams available to transfer the call to. Please note that agents who are busy or offline will not be shown in the dropdown. Choose the agent’s name and select Warm Transfer from the available options. 

2. A call will be made to the agent you selected. When you (Agent 1) are in conversation with the selected agent (Agent 2), the customer is put on hold. 

3. Once the selected agent answers the call, you can either mute or cut the call. Agent 2 then becomes the primary agent and can perform all in-call actions that a primary agent can. 

4. Call notes will be transferred from Agent 1 to Agent 2 when the call is transferred. 

5. Please note that if Agent 2 is not available, Agent 1 will be able to resume the call with the speaker. 

Call recordings during Warm Transfers:


1. If the number has the setting “ Record all calls,” “Record incoming calls,” or “Record outgoing calls,” then the conversation between Agent 1 and the customer will be recording 1. The conversation between Agent 2 and customer will be recording 2. Recording 2 will start when the customer has been removed from hold by Agent 2.

2. If the setting is “Record calls manually” and Agent 1 had not started recording, then the recording will start only when the Agent 2 manually activates the recording feature.

3. The conversation between the agents when the customer is on hold is not recorded. 

If the customer disconnects the call while the two agents are in conversation, Agent 2 (once connected) will hear an information message that the customer has disconnected. The call will then be terminated.