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SIP helps you connect an IP enabled external phone device with your Freshcaller account. With SIP, you can now forward your calls coming to your Freshcaller ecosystem to ring on your external phone (hard phone or a soft phone). Also, you can use it for outgoing calls.

Let’s say your team of call center agents have a SIP hardphone or softphone installed and want to use these to make or receive calls occasionally in addition to using Freshcaller. You can forward calls to ring on the physical phone/softphone app on your system or use it for outgoing calls with the help of SIP connectivity. 

All you need to do as an admin is follow an initial activation sequence in Freshcaller that’ll not take much of your time.

Enabling agents to connect their SIP devices

Activating the SIP connectivity for Freshcaller users (Relevant for Freshcaller admins)

In Freshcaller, everyone who is an admin/account admin can enable SIP connectivity for their team of agents. To activate SIP,

  1. Login as an Admin into your Freshcaller account. Go to Admin Settings >  SIP Phones.

  1. Now you’ll see a dialog box that asks you to enable SIP for all agents.

  2. If you wish for your entire team to access your SIP phone(s), you can click on this option. By doing so, the SIP phone connectivity for all existing users(Agents, supervisors, admins and account admins) will get activated. They will receive an email with their respective SIP login credentials.


Note: For every new person added to the Freshcaller account, the admin needs to to activate their SIP access on top of the normal process of adding them as a user under Agents section in Admin Settings.

  1. If not, you can activate SIP for only a selected set of agents by clicking the New SIP credentials option on the right top corner of your screen.


Once an agent is activated to use the SIP phone, he/she’ll be added to the list of users under the SIP phones section.

  1. You, as an admin can see the status of each agent’s SIP connectivity from this list. You can also toggle their status by using the Yes/No drop down present against each agent’s name.

  1. Also, when you hover over the user’s name you’ll see three icons to the extreme right. One being Resend SIP credentials(the arrowhead icon), then the edit and delete icons.


  • The SIP credentials sent to each user’s email is specific to their Freshcaller login only. i.e. One agent should not use the SIP login credentials sent to another agent’s email.

  • Also, a SIP account gets created for each of these users and they can connect their SIP devices with Freshcaller using their SIP login credentials that’s sent over an email to them. 

  • To receive calls over SIP, each agent needs to set their Receiving on SIP phone status to Yes. 


  • Now, as an admin you can only use the New SIP credentials option to activate users who have never been given the SIP access before. If you try adding or resending SIP credentials to an already active user using this option, you wouldn’t be able to.  For every user already added to the list of SIP active users, resend credentials from under the SIP phones section.

i.e. Let’s say Curtis Stone, Jamie Oliver and Kate Winslet are the users listed under the SIP phones section. This means, these users already have their SIP  activated. Now if you click on New SIP credentials button and try searching for Curtis, Jamie or Kate, they won’t show up. So remember that the New SIP credentials option is only to activate the SIP  of new agents who aren’t listed under the SIP phones section already.

Email containing the user's SIP credentials (Relevant for all Freshcaller users(admins+ agents+supervisors))

Once the admin activates the SIP, all active users receive an email with the SIP credentials to their registered email ids. You can check if your SIP configuration was successful based on if or not you have received the following email.

Subject of the email: SIP credentials for your Freshcaller account

SIP credentials that you’ll use to login to your SIP system:

From the content of the email you receive, the following information is important.

  1. Your account URL (domain name):

  2. Your login: login

  3. Your password: password


Now, on your SIP phone’s browser window, you need to enter the User ID as: 2@1, in this example it’ll be and then your password.


Using the login credentials on your SIP phone's setup screen


For now, we at Freshcaller have enabled SIP connectivity with the following four SIP phones: CISCO, Polycom, Bria and Zoiper. We will keep adding to this list in the future too. If you have a specific SIP phone that you’d want to use along with Freshcaller, drop an email to


In general, the format of the login credentials for most SIP phones is, But it may slightly vary based on the SIP provider you use.


Since each SIP phone needs a specific set of steps to be followed for successful connectivity, we’ve created detailed guides for all.


POLYCOM user guide

Bria user guide

Zoiper user guide


Once you successfully configure the SIP settings inside Freshcaller, and check your email for the credentials, you can go ahead and connect to your SIP phone using the credentials. 

To know more on how to use the SIP credentials to connect to your SIP phone, refer to “SIP extensions for a Freshcaller agent