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Using Freshcaller you can mask your business number with your personal number, this helps establish a closer relationship with your customers and give your conversations a personal touch. 

To mask your business number using your personal number, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Numbers. The numbers you have bought will be displayed here

  1. Hover on the number you wish to mask and select the edit button

  1. On the right side you can edit the various settings associated with a number, toggle the ‘Mask Number’ Option

  1. You would be asked to choose the number you want to use for masking, if you have existing caller IDs you can choose from those or you might have to create a new caller ID.

  1. To create a new caller ID click on ‘+ New Caller ID’ option

  1. In the pop up screen that appears, enter the phone number with which you would like to mask along with the country code, for example +1XXXXXXXXXX where +1 is the country code. 

  1. You would receive a call in the number that you have entered, on picking up the call you would be asked to enter the 6 digit validation code that is displayed on your screen

  1. After successfully validating your number, the following screen will be displayed. You can close the popup now.

  1. Your number should now be displayed under ‘Number to use for masking’.

  1.  Click on ‘Save Changes’ to save your preferences.