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Whenever a voicemail is received, Freshcaller transcribes the recording into text for easy viewing, time otherwise spent going through each recording separately can now be saved. 

Are voicemail transcriptions enabled by default? 

No, voicemail transcriptions are not turned on by default, they have to be enabled. Admins and Account Admins can enable voicemail transcriptions for their accounts. 

NOTE: Voicemail transcriptions are chargeable at $0.04/min

How to configure voicemail transcription? 

 To configure voicemail transcripts:

  1. Login to your Freshcaller account as an Admin or Account Admin 

  2. Go to Admin > Numbers 

  3. Hover over the number for which you wish to enable voicemail transcription, click on the Edit button 

  4. Scroll down and toggle the button that says Voicemail Transcripts

  5. Click on Save Changes 

How to view your voicemail transcriptions? 

To view your voicemail transcriptions:

  1. Go to the Call Metrics tab in your Freshcaller account. 

  2. If a customer has left a voicemail, there should be a recording which you can listen to and to the left of the play button there would be the ‘voicemail transcription’ icon

  3. Click on the icon and a pop up should open, in the pop up the following information is displayed:

    1. The transcribed voicemail text 

    2. The phone number from which the voicemail was received 

    3. When the voicemail was received