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Custom agent availability status enables admins to create custom away statuses based on the activities of their agents. For example, you can create statuses like ‘Team huddle’, ‘Onsite’ apart from the 4 custom statuses provided by Freshcaller — Lunch, Break, Meeting, Training.

How does this affect agent availability for calls?

All custom statuses denote that the agent is away and hence, they will not receive calls if they choose a custom status.

How to create a new custom agent status

You can find ‘Agent Statuses’ on the Admin menu of Freshcaller. Once you click on it, you’ll be taken to the Agent Status screen where your existing custom statuses and default statuses will be displayed. Admins can enable or disable statuses for agents from this screen.

To create a new custom status, click on New Agent Status. 

Apart from naming the new status, you can also assign an emoji/icon to it.

Admins can edit an existing custom status and also change the emoji or icon associated with it.

The custom statuses will reflect along with the default statuses on the Live Dashboard. Supervisors can filter agents based on these custom statuses too.

How can an agent switch to a custom status?

The custom statuses will be listed along with existing default statuses. Agents can select custom statuses enabled for them by the admin.

The complete list of statuses available on Freshcaller now

Freshcaller currently has the following default statuses:

  • After call work (Unless configured otherwise, ACW is set at 30 seconds. Admins can edit this from the Agent Status screen.)
  • Busy
  • Offline
  • Forward to phone
  • Available on browser

The following custom statuses are also readily available:

  • Lunch
  • Break
  • Meeting
  • Training

Note for Freshdesk users

Agents can change their status on the Freshcaller widget. Admins need to visit the Freshcaller admin section to create and edit custom agent statuses.

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