This article provides details on the options/features available on the Freshcaller mobile during an ongoing call. For instructions on making or receiving calls using the Freshcaller mobile app, see Using The Freshcaller Mobile App.

When you make or receive a call on the Freshcaller mobile app, you will see the following ongoing call screen:

The various options/features you can use are:

  • Pause/resume recording: Use this to pause and resume your ongoing call. For details, see Pausing/Recording a Call.
  • Mute: Tap to mute yourself.
  • Keypad: Use this to enter any digit if an outgoing call you make prompts for an IVR keypress.
  • Speaker: Use this to turn on the speaker.
  • Notes: Click to add notes during an ongoing call. You can also add call notes once you complete a  call. For details, see Post Call Actions on Mobile App.
  • Hold: Tap on this to place your caller on hold.
  • Transfer: Tap on this to initiate a warm or cold transfer to another agent in your account. For details, see Transferring Calls on Mobile App

Pausing/Recording a Call

By default, the Freshcaller mobile app records all calls made or received. However, as an admin, you can configure the call recording option for each number on your Freshcaller account (on the browser) to record calls manually, record only incoming calls, or record only outgoing calls.

Note: The call recording configuration can be done only on the Freshcaller account on browser. For details, see Configuring Call Recording Options.
  1. When you make or receive a call on the mobile app, you will see the following screen. To pause the recording at any time during the conversation, tap on the Pause Recording option.
  2. If the number property is configured to record calls manually, you will see the following screen:
    Tap on Start Recording to record the calls.
  3. You can access and listen to the past call recordings any time on the mobile app in the following ways:
    • Call details screen: Tap on a number/name under My Calls and All Calls and click on Play Recording.
    • Call Summary Screen: On the call details screen, click on the Call Summary option to play and listen to the recording.