Service level is defined as the percentage of calls attended by your teams or agents within the configured threshold time. The Service Level dashboard in Freshcaller gives you a live update of the service level metrics and the service level target of each call queue in your account. 

The calls that are not answered within the configured threshold time are called service level breached. These calls decrease a call queue's efficiency to achieve the expected service level target. For example, lets' say that the expected global service level target is 90 % and the threshold time is 30 seconds. In this case, calls that are answered after 30 seconds contribute to service level breach.
To improve the call queue performance, it is important to always monitor and keep a count on the service level breached calls. With the Freshcaller Call Metrics filter option, you can easily keep track of these calls.

To view all the service level breached calls:

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.

  2. Go to Call Metrics click on the Filter option.

  3. Toggle and enable the Service level breached option.

  4. Click Filter Calls. Now you can see all the calls that breached the service level target.

  5. You can also export this list and analyse these calls and related metrics in detail.
    On the Call Metrics tab, select how you want to export the calls (.csv or excel). Also, select the metrics related to service level breach.

  6. The exported metrics will be sent to your registered email id.

  7. You can also pull out reports related to your service level from the Reports module.